Do I Need a Content Strategist, a Copywriter or a Content Writer?

First of all, are you thinking, "that is all the same thing!"

Yeah, I'm with you friend, and that is what I used to think.

However, under the umbrella of content marketing, there are specific, different roles that have different requirements. Can it be the same person? Sure!

For example, I can do all three of those roles and combine them to create the strategy and content for my clients. Before a strategy call (which you can book by clicking here), I look at what online presence a potential client already has. During that call, we talk about what they want their content to accomplish and what roadblocks they are currently experiencing.

Based on those answers, I can put together a plan for what role(s) a business needs me to fill.

I need sales = you need a copywriter

A copywriter is someone who writes content that CONVERTS. This is your sales page, your Facebook ads and content like that.

A copywriter knows how to hook someone in, get their attention and then skillfully lead them into your sales funnel. A copywriter is funny, witty and empathetic.

Good copywriting is interesting and motivating. Bad copywriting is boring or slimy.

I need to engage my readers and build authority = you need a content writer

This is the person that is going to write your email marketing and blog posts. This is where relationships are built. It's less about making the sale, as it is about building trust and authority.

Content writers are also empathetic, great storytellers and know how to emulate different types of voices. Content writers are concerned with how information flows, the logical development of information and keeping their readers engaged.

I need both = you need both!

The great thing about writing is that these two roles overlap quite a bit. You can tell a story and build authority in a Facebook ad. You can use a call to action to get your reader into your sales funnel at the end of a blog post.

It makes sense for a small business to find someone who is skilled in both types of writing. It streamlines your content marketing and makes it easier to find one person to tap into your brand's unique voice and positioning.

My content is a hot mess or doesn't exist = you need a content strategist

What if your content doesn't exist and you have no idea where to start?

What if you have a webpage but it's a confusing mess?

What if you have a ton of content but it's underperforming or outdated?

Now it's time for a content strategist. A content strategist will take all of the pieces and create a strong plan of what you should focus on, where you should share your content and how it fits into your broader marketing strategy.

A content strategist will make sure that all of your content is relevant, on-brand and provides value to your business and to your potential clients.

Now you know!

The next time you think about your content needs, you now know exactly what it is you need. OR you can just call someone who does all three roles and save yourself a lot of time.

If it wasn't already clear...that's me. So let's book a call and talk about the content for your business.

OR if you want to write it yourself, make sure you fill out the form below so I can share all my helpful tips with you.

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