Kickstart Your Copy!

"I am not a writer." "I'm worried that people will think I'm stupid." "I'd rather get a root canal."

These are all responses to when I ask people, "How do you feel about writing for your business?"

Entrepreneurs often struggle with writing copy for their products and services. Frankly, that's not what your core business is - you're a photographer or a coach or you've got a great product!

But I am here to tell you today that YES YOU CAN! Seriously, I have talked to a lot of you about your businesses and you are SO passionate and great at talking about them.

Want a little help? Register today for my course: Kickstart your Copy!

Having a solid foundation in content writing will help you sell more, get better clients and make your life easier. We will go through the systems that I use so that you're not just writing for the sake of it - you're maximizing your words to connect with your audience.

This 6-week course is going to give you a really great foundation for writing for your business. It is, in a word, comprehensive!!!! All of the pieces of your business fit together like a beautiful puzzle and we are going to put ALL the pieces together. (We are going to even de-mystify the world of SEO!)

From creating a clear message to optimizing your website to writing awesome social media posts, we are going to cover it all! When we're done, you will never think to yourself, "What should I write about?" again. Plus, you'll have access to our exclusive Facebook group and have a full strategy session with your favourite content strategist (that's me!).

For $297, you will get:

- confidence to post more on social media

- an easy way to content plan so you can focus on your business

- a clear message that connects with your audience

- a framework on how to write to connect and convert

- a community of other entrepreneurs just like you

- access to me for any input and accountability so you get results

So what are you waiting for? Book a call today and let's get kickstarted!!!

Course begins on October 25, 2021!!!!!

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